Did Ya notice?

When I am tired, I am a lot less apt to smile and tend to be a lot more negative in my comments.
I am an early riser and after a quick cup of coffee am ready to go
I always try to take tests early in the AM. Back in school it was better for me to get a good nights sleep than cram for a test.
Someone said your subconscious mind never forgets. For me I can play solitaire on the computer and answer questions on Jeopardy. Wonder if my subconscious is listening and feeding me answers?
The first nights sleep in your own bed after traveling is always a treat.
The damn water heater at the rental house can last for 20 years but take a short one week trip and it leaks? I will go over and see if they got it fixed and how much it cost. Good thing I have a little of the travel $ stuck in the back of a suitcase.
Do you dream a lot or do you just not remember them. I dream vivid dreams.
That little "Bladder Warning Alarm" goes "PEE,PEE,PEE" until you get up and pee.

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  1. A new 40 gallon water heater costs about $400.00 plus the small parts to hook it up. W/tax plan on spending $460+. MUD