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I met Barbara through a blind date when I was stationed at Fort Irwin, California. (now known as the National Desert Training Center) I had been on post for about 6 weeks and a friend of mine was talking to his girlfriend on the phone there in the day room. I asked him if he was talking to his girl in Barstow or Bath, Maine. He said Barstow. To shut me up he agreed to ask Jane if she had a friend I could date. That blind date led to what will be in February 40 years of married life.
My favorite car in the whole wide world is almost always the one I am driving. Sadly, the 53 pickup has so many issues it just doesn't make the list. I need to spend some time and $ on the 57 to get it back into shape for it to be fun to drive. An air-conditioner, better steering, disk brakes on the front and a good radio will make it one hell of a car. I am not crazy about the carburetor on the engine, and I have been reading about a lot of after market stuff to make it run better. I really had a fun time driving Volvo's over the years. Dollar per mile they have been a pretty good investment and almost always fun to drive.
Today was put in a new water heater day. I had to work in a little closet that was about 4 feet wide and the heater was about three feet of that. It really wasn't all that hard to do and everything hooked up and worked. I could have used a little help to get the old heater out and the new heater inside. At least I was smart enough to drain the old heater before I tried to muscle it out. Lets see, 40 gallons of water at 8lbs per. 300 Lbs/+ that I couldn't have done myself. I wonder how long it will take me to empty out the dead heater out of the bed of the truck. Can't say there is much of a market for old leaky one's.
It must be the Monsoon season here in Kansas. Everything is soggy and it rained all day today. The humidity and the cold air makes it seem more damp and cold to me than I like. Don't mind working up a sweat if the air is hot. Cold and sweaty is clammy to me
Oh well, will go over to the the create site and see If I can load some people and places pictures.

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