Hillary for President?

On a trip ( a couple of years ago) to the KC airport one of the passengers was an obnoxious New Yorker and she was obviously trying to stir up an argument. She praised Al Franken and then launched into how good Hillary was as a US Senator. After letting her expound I simple asked her, "What has she done?" The response was that she was a good Senator for New York and everyone there loves her. I said that is fine but Hillary is a US Senator from New York and she should be doing her best for the US not just New York. The woman's husband said that I made a good point and he had never thought about it before. If she is so good for New York why isn't she in the Governor's mansion in Albany or serving in the New York Senate?
Hillary's only move (as the First Lady) into something that would have a national impact was her Socialized Medicine move and the US Congress told her that we could not afford to kill our golden goose.
Hillary has never run anything larger than the staff of the White house and to run the country would be OJT. Can we afford to let her OJT that job? Read some of Bill's Campaign staff's opinions of Hillary and her legendary temper. The staff would rather fall on their swords than tell her bad news. Ask the people who lost their life savings when "White Water" caused a Savings and Loan to collapse. She was a Lawyer that set up most of that effort and no one holds her responsible.
Can you trust the judgment of a woman that let her husband cheat (over and over) and not haul his ashes to the divorce wood shed? Is her political ambition more important than what is accepted in the Heartland?
I personally want the steadiness of a Fred Thompson, the get it done of a Mitt Romney or the experience of a Rudy . (Oh hell, I can't spell his last name and get it past spell checker) I don't want to vote for a side of party that is moving towards the Christian Conservative side of the house but I sure as hell don't want to throw out the bathwater and the baby.
The following are some of the issues I support:
  • Abortion - I think abortion is a horrible way to have birth control on a personal level but I sure as hell don't want my Government interjecting its self into what is a thing between a woman and her doctor.
  • US Projection of Power - If the other countries of the World would stand up and do things right through the UN, I would feel a damn site safer. Then I would probably complain about the UN doing too much. Sheesh, there is no clear winner in this dog fight.
  • The US/Mexican Border war - I am not sure how to get it done but the combination of the America's would solve this. Europe has put it all together and made it work. We need to realize that this is a Global problem and solve it. A damn fence just gives us a warm feeling but it is a lot like wetting our pants in a dark suit. "It gives us a warm feeling but no one will really notice".
  • Government Intrusion into our lives - When everything goes to hell, it is a good thing. When everything is running up and normal, it needs to be reduced. I would sunset almost every law and make the Congress/State/local Governments decide what to keep not come up with fancy dancy ways to add more. I would cause things to be run and paid for at the lowest possible level. Need I point out anything more bad than "No Child Left Behind"? National Dictates without the funding.
  • Capital Punishment - I believe in the "Mad Dog" rule. If what you have done is so bad that only a mad dog would do such a thing they should put in an express lane to have you put to death. Rape and kill a child, Kill a mother and cut her baby out of her womb, kill multiple times and you go to the front of the line.
  • Military Spending - This is one of the few things we are making for ourselves and if we stop doing this, what the hell will we do for jobs? If you want to transfer, say 5%, of the Military spending, do it in stages. If you gave the schools an extra 5% this year they could not spend it. Do it next year at 1% then 2% the next and then 3% and they will have a chance to get there and re-build infrastructure they need.
  • Not In MY Backyard - Some day we will go to our electrical switch and when we turn it on nothing will happen. Gas will eventually reach $8.00 a gallon and we will be at the mercy of the world for energy. We must build some either Nuclear (Yes, I almost spelled it nukler) or coal plants and get hauling on alternatives damn soon or we will be in a hurt. I don't care if the environmentalists think wind mills are ugly. I don't care if Hydrogen stored in bulk is an explosive. Find a way to overcome the problems and do it damn fast. If our Government can't solve this problem, what the hell do they have to do that is more important. At least give us some slogans to make us feel warm and fuzzy. (See the dark suit analogy in Mexican/US war part of this post)
  • Stem Cell Research - I believe that modern science can and will find ways to fix some of our problems. How and where are details I want them to figure out. Again why is the Federal Government involved in this? Because they don't have enough tough things to keep them damn busy. This is personal to me because my father died of Parkinson's and not a day doesn't go by that I don't look for tell tale signs of it in me. I we are going to live to 100, I want to live strong as I can. (Without falling down a lot)
Crap, I spent way too long on this. I feel confident that most people will see the heading and by pass it. Oh well, (Dark Suit) I feel better.

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