Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, GO KU!

I stand amazed at the results of the 2007 football season so far. I like many of my brethren were simply tolerating the football season as it soon would end and Basketball would start. Now in the anticipated time of round ball start, I find myself watching an 8-0 football team win another game. To win against A&M is a feat but to win there where the 12th man is a big part of the game is truly amazing. It has to be in a big part to the coaching. Imagine you are in a place where you can't hear yourself think let alone call plays so everyone else can hear. The KU team went into that stadium well prepared and they executed what they planned. In years past, the KU football team would find a way to lose the game in the closing moments and now they are able to hold off other teams when the minutes are ticking off. The TV announcers talked about the Colorado altitude killing the hawks and then the momentum in Waco swinging to the A&M team. KU WON!
KU will host Nebraska and Oklahoma State and play at Iowa State. Then the big game against Missouri in Kaufman Stadium in KC. I hope the game there is as big as the OU/Texas game is and keeps growing.
Man this crow pie is killing me about Boston. The Rockies won 7 straight games to get into the playoffs and now they can make their bats work. No more bad words about the Red Sox. They are for real and playing well.

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