Thoughts From The Field

I don't know where to attribute all these thoughts so I will just report them and let you sort out ownership:
  • An article in the paper said that old men should fight all our wars for the following reasons; Old men don't think about sex every ten seconds so they would have an extra 28,000 seconds a week to think about the enemy. Old men actually like guns and would take a lot better care of them. Old men are used to having someone nag and yell at them so Basic Training would be easier. No one ever outran a bullet so running is overrated. There is a lot to be said about the wisdom of the aged vs the strength of the young. It would be easier for the Drill Sergeant to yell, "Drop and give me one". Other than the PT tests, I never saw a push up in the Army. Many old men would love to have an excuse to get away from home. (That works both ways) Grumpy old men would make for a better soldier to hate the enemy. Besides all this, old men wake up early (Bladder Control Problems) and can sleep anywhere.
  • Our Niece Jennifer had one of her young crews chosen to go back east to row in a big prestigious regatta. (Read Big, Big Honor) It is the "Head of the Charles" river near Boston. I am watching the results but it is a little too early for the race results to be posted even unofficially. Their boat was put on the KU boat trailer and on the way there someone crashed into the trailer and broke the ass end off their boat. (Yes, I know it is probably called the stern or bow but hey, this is my story) The good news is that the boat building company that they bought it from is there and loaned them a new boat. Boy talk about planned obsolescence. I wish them well today. It is truly an honor to have someone as pretty, bright and talented in the family. But hey, there are nieces that I would have loved to have for our daughter all over Barb's family and mine.
  • Don't let anyone tell you that retirement means a life of ease and glory. I didn't work this hard or as long when I worked full time. I have a list that is about three pages long of "Honey Do's" that I am avoiding. Actually I am just a little late starting today but will get there eventually.
  • Who would have thought the KU Football team would be 7-0 and 3-0 in the Big 12. It was a hoot when the TV broadcasters started talking about how the altitude would wear out the KU team (The game was in Boulder, CO) and they would pull an Oklahoma and lose it in the last half of the second half. (yes the 4th Quarter) Didn't happen ! KU won 19 to 13. GO Hawks! Bonus was they put that game on ESPN and I didn't nap all the way through it. The first half was a little slow so I did get in a little nap.
  • In today's paper there was an ad for sweat pants with cargo pockets, a billfold pocket and a zipper in the front. The only draw back was they don't come in Dress Green or Tulip Yellow. Can we say Christmas present for Kenny, boys and girls? Now to find something worthy of Grissy.
  • Our outside Tom Cat showed back up yesterday. Tiger the cat wasn't here when we got home from our trip. I guess he was out some where begging/hunting for food. Barb was out planting some flowers and that cat actually took a swipe at Barb for ignoring him when he mewed for food. I think it was a love swipe for our being gone but I'll promise you that it is just no way to win your way into her heart.
  • When Barb and I were both working it was always easy to have money left at the end of the month. It was a bonus to have the drill check coming in and to have a slush fund. Now with the income not equal to or greater than outgo, it is a challenge. Not a big challenge, but one that a lot of last minute purchases on the new house and a trip to Idaho didn't complicate.
  • Did you ever notice that the amount of stuff you have is always equal to or greater than the space to store it? Right now I am approaching either some serious organizing or the old pile in on top of the old pile routine. It is great to have a lot of new tools to help do the work but I smell a conspiracy to do more brewing. Oh well, what the hell, it is only the rest of my life.
  • I saw a clock in that special stuff catalog on the plane coming home that was about my speed. It has the days of the week only on the dial. Kind of like the time my dad talked me out of my new Timex watch. He later told me that it told him three things more than he needed to know. I won that deal as he left me his Gold "25 year" Hamilton watch from Beech Aircraft. I don't wear it much but I do on special occasions.
  • I stopped wearing my fancy Seiko watch when the band broke. I figured that I had been too rough. The replacement band was almost $80 to replace. I found out that if I didn't wear it during the day while working, the battery just didn't get charged up enough. I guess it is a lot like a metaphor for life; "If you don't use it you lose it." I have always said that a man should not own anything he doesn't use. Fancy China plates, antique cars and tools.
Oh well, I can wax eloquently here all day and in the end of the day the only thing I will have accomplished is to reach the end of the day. Better get my act together.

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