I love it When a Plan comes Together

For what seems like an eternity I have been restoring the new house from a wreck to what is a solid pretty house. There are things about the house that I would do different with enough time and $ but mostly it is a solid really redone place. I am not sure when Dave and his wife will move in but I hear rumblings about using the dish washer in the new place.
Today was to be curtain shopping but Da Barb's couldn't get together for whatever reason. I spent the day doing trim work. Coming together well and if I can hide the nails from the brad nailer should look pretty good.
I am waiting for the KU vs Colorado game at 4:30. Should be a good game. I hope they can get it done and KU on a plane before the snow gets there. I would think it would be great if they would come out of there with a win but hey they are 6-0 and I don't think they will win all their games.
My real challenge is to get the game on and stay awake for the entire game. Seems like the down time just cries out for a nap. More to come tomorrow. MUD

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