Eat'n Crow

Man was I ever wrong about the first game of the World Series. The Rockies were rusty and red sox were on fire. They brought their "A" game, "B" game and silenced the bats from Colorado. I stand corrected. It should be a good series and not another Colorado Sweep.
The new house is about complete on the inside. I cleaned out my tools and brought a truck load of stuff home. We will have Dave's birthday p[arty there tomorrow night. I have some killer steak and chicken for fajitas and I'm sure that between Barb and me there will be good stuff to go with the good stuff. I'm pretty sure there will be some rice, black beans and chips. I'm not sure about the dessert but can assume it will be a cake decorated by Barb.
Pictures will be posted tomorrow or the house in all it's trim. I need to figure out how to clean the terrazzo where the kids got paint on the living room floor. There is a good tree wax sealer that I think is little more than a liquid wax. I'll take the buffer tomorrow and see what that does.
Tonight I got to sample tomorrow's steak as a preview and man was it great.

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