Trim, Trim and more trim!

As I near the end of the house project, there is more trim to do than I can get done in a day. Today I installed a door on a closet in the bathroom and put a door on the hot water heater enclosure. I managed to trim out a window or two and tomorrow is the big day.
I convinced Da Barbs that the kitchen wall that was not detailed the bottom couple of feet would be best covered with bead board. Tomorrow I will start that project. I have a stud finder with a built in level. I will start with a good reference point and carry that throughout the kitchen. With a three inch bottom trim I should be able to make it all come together and not look like a carnival fun house. I'll try to get some good pictures and get them on the net soon. Barb sent pictures before and after of the kitchen. Scary.
I need about three days outside and the weather here is flat crappy. It rained hard and stayed cloudy the rest of the day. In spite of the hard work and the heater running I just got a chill this afternoon. A couple of bowls of good hot soup fixed that.
See ya all later. MUD

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