My Idea of a Good Time!

What are some of the things I enjoy in life:
  • I really enjoy spending time with a dog. I haven't done enough of it lately and I am not a better person. I really love puppies and watching them learn.
  • Ice Cream. In my dessert column there is a yes where Ice Cream is listed. Add chocolate and nuts and Oh My! Vanilla is for cake, strawberries and/or apple pie.
  • Old cars. I really like Chevy's but mostly because I have some limited knowledge of them.
  • Being tired if there is a good reason like I worked hard. I have never liked doing nothing and I think it is good that I can still do a few hours of work. Yes, I do get tired but hey, for a 60 year young person I do OK.
  • People in general. I find it invigorating to have a group of people and to find a solution to a problem. Can we spell EXTROVERT boys and girls.
  • Grilled steak. I will eat chicken but given free access and it is a big ole' hunk of cow for me. If you add a salad and a baked potato, you can skip dessert. Might want some ice cream a couple of hours later but I would want ice cream if I ate green beans, soy beans or any beans
  • Singing along with any kind of music. This drives some people crazy but I don't care.
  • Potato Chips. Not those baked imitation kind, the kind you have to go wash your hands and wipe the salt off your face when you finish. I will eat corn chips if there is a great salsa for a dip. A local restaurant puts fresh Cilantro in theirs and I love it.
  • Beer! I now drink non-alcohol beer but after a hot day of work there is just nothing better than a cold beer.
  • In this order, My wife, my son and his wife. Mostly this based on the length of time I have known them. I have grown to really like my brother-in-law and his dog, Grissy. The rest of the family is generally liked in no specific order. Well, perhaps Mom is a little higher on the list than some.
  • Positive things! I hate, hate! is that a double negative?

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