Took the Day Off

Yesterday I spent the first day back putting a new 40 gallon water heater in the big rental house.
I decided that a day off would be in order so I started with the soldier's delight, a haircut. Shaggy just isn't my style.
I spent some time at the hardware store and made a trip to Harbor Freight. Bought some things to get my tools and stuff organized. I have a goal to have all my plumbing tools in one bucket (with an organizer) and my mechanic tools in a tool box. As it is it is spread from pillar to post and then some. I'll bet it takes me a week or two just to get re-organized after we finish Dave's house. I don't think I will gt quite as anal as my dad was and build plywood boxes for the saw, drill and tile cutter. Never say never.
During the last month there were a couple of things that broke and I just didn't get fixed. One was the bar stool in the kitchen. One leg of the four broke and I had it in the garage out of sight. The other was the towel/robe hook by the shower that kept falling off. I bought a used chair and put the legs from that one on the seat of the old one. The towel hook just got replaced for $3.99. Both jobs took a little time but no big deal. I think my plumbers bucket turned out nice but the real test will be when I need something and can't find it. I know there is some plumbers putty and some PVC cement still not in the bucket.
My barber was about to leave when I got there as hs wife was going to the hospital to pick up their new baby. I guess the baby's heart didn't seal the hole that bypasses the lungs and they had to go in and sew it up. Great young couple I wish them well. Two little boys and the desire to have at least one girl.
Better run. Have a great weekend. MUD

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