Back Problems

In our family, we have a long history of people with back problems. I think it starts with having a long back and not doing enough to keep it in shape. My grandmother, Erma, was gifted with this back and arthritis to add to the misery. The first back brace I ever saw was my father's and I wore it for almost a year after a basketball injury. My brother, Rick, just had his second round of back surgery and I hope is on the road to recovery. My sore back is the result of working too hard last week and I hope the pain will soon go away. It should be pretty plain that if I cut down a dead tree, I have to pick up logs. Right now I have a pile of logs beside the driveway because I am resting my back from piling them there. Oh well.

There is a gray squirrel that is about to test my limits. He thinks the suet block is his to jump on and pick out the sunflower seeds. He will jump off if I unlock the door and kinda run away. he will be back as soon as he thinks I am not watching. I need Barb to take an extended trip so she won't be witness to the thinning of the tree rat population. I have a great target .22 and it pokes really fatal holes in small furry, bushy tailed rodents. Yes, I know this was their home before we built a house here in the woods.

The other day I was out in the garage and looked for some screws I thought I had put in a cabinet. Right there in the first place I looked was a pile of CD's I must have moved out of the car. I found a CD that is a bunch of old church songs by a Barbershop Quartet. Barb said the other day she heard a rumble from the basement and came down to find me merrily singing bass along with Amazing Grace. Normally sounds of the basso profundo level are me pretending to watch TV in the afternoon. Somewhere about 3 PM a short (or long) nap just makes my day. Add to that the leather flex steel couch just makes my back feel better.

Well, my circular writing has drawn me back to the start so it must be time to quit. Write if you get work.



  1. You need to get one of those $10 net back supports at Bed & Bath. They do a great job of relieving lower back pain. Put it in your chair before sitting down. We have two of them. Ray I.

  2. Tree Rats....
    When we first moved to Georgia years ago, our five acres of hard woods was loaded with them. Not wanting to alarm the neighbors with gun shots, I bought the most powerfull pellet gun I could get.
    I killed 40 the first week, 14 the next. The tails I sold to a local fishing fly maker. The tipping point for me was when they started chewing holes in the house.