What's Important?

In the insert in today's paper, there was a two page article about General Hal Moore who was the 1/7 commander that Mel Gibson made a movie about. In that article someone mentioned things that are important in the education of our children.

I think we all know about the reading, writing, arithmetic, and history but what are some of the intangibles of life that are important? I think it is important to look at them and then perhaps later devise a plan to teach them. Here are some of my candidates
  • Feeling and compassion. I wonder if we are so bust visiting on social networks that we have lost that element of connecting with others. I think the lesson of walking in some one else's shoes (Feeling) probably comes first and then compassion (or understanding comes second.
  • Honor. This element is really about what you do when no one is watching more than what you get recognized for. It is very misunderstood and is that part of you that looks in a wallet you find to see if there is any information on how to find the owner and not count the money.
  • Ability to see the difference between fact and fiction. I think that fiction is an important component in life. How else could I as a young man gone around the earth in 80 days. My son's generation killed the Death Star and traveled the galaxies. Then there are the simple facts that are the basis of life. Kinda like the difference between the ten commandments (Things we ought to do) and laws that require us to do them properly.
  • Leadership. I often wonder if we learn this by watching bad leaders and learning what not to do. We all select team captains and follow them but what ways do we have that give us the reigns to test our skills as children. In scouting, I served in almost all the leadership positions in our patrol. Can this be adopted in school?
I guess this is a long enough list for today. It is in no way a conclusive list but perhaps I can address each one a little more later.


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