Rain or no Rain?

The weatherman has predicted rain for today and it is cloudy but so far nothing but overcast. I have work to do and want it to either clear up or rain. I know that minute i spread out my tool it will start raining. Oh well, so long as the hoses will reach the plants here at Rabbit Run will have water. I think barb likes to visit each plant to check on them anyway.

Dave and I have been putting new siding on an old shed in his back yard. Two sides went fast and now I am working on the side with doors. I made one door but made a cutting error and it fits, kinda and I need to make some more adjustments. Part of the problem is that I made one foor 4 feet wide and the other will be two feet wide. i think I'll start over and just buy some more siding to make it work.

The other day, a newscast talked about the fact that kids today do not learn enough History. Barb said that part of the problem is that the Assessment tests for No Child Left Behind does not test that area. I think that there are so many new things that kids must know that something has to get lost in the confusion. How many adults could remember the amendments to the constitution if they had to learn how to program an Ipod, how to play a new game each week and be able to come over a program the weather radio for dolts like me? When I would go over to Mom's, her VCR would flash 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 until I figured out that she couldn't see the time anyway. A small piece of masking tape just stopped the flashing.

Oh well, alls well that ends....



  1. HA! The story about your Mom's VCR reminded me of my great grandmother, Laura Newland.

    She lived to 104, and was always fascinated by new things. She got a microwave oven when she was about 90, and loved it. But, she couldn't really set the time. So, she would just put everything on for an hour, and when she figured her food was hot, she'd just unplug the microwave to stop it.

  2. Andy-That is hilarious! I think I know a lot, but am instantly put in my place when a child easily proves me wrong. The wonderful thing about progress is that we discover and invent new things. The question is how can we all keep up with it and keep it simple at the same time?