Part Three

In part one I wrote:

Honor. This element is really about what you do when no one is watching more than what you get recognized for. It is very misunderstood and is that part of you that looks in a wallet you find to see if there is any information on how to find the owner and not to count the money.

To follow on that thought for ways to enhance the education of our children, I write:

How many times have you heard the answer "Not Me" when asked who did this? My stock answer is I did that and no excuses sir. You can be in trouble for making a mistake but if you are doing your best it generally only cancels a few "atta boys." Not telling the truth is when you get fired. I also laugh when someone calls me Mean Uncle Denny and have laughed in the face of name callers the world over. One of my stock replies is I have been shot at and missed and shit on and hit just what do you think a few words will do to me.

I also think that overcoming the thought that the world is fair is a part of honor. We don't always win, or lose, there is just the outcome. I am full aware of the old saying that the race doesn't always go to the swift, or the battle to the strongest, but that's the way to bet. Just don't think because you are the swiftest, meanest, bravest "mutha" in the valley that there are none better.

I think this lesson is about telling the truth - First, last and always. Then get on with your life.

In a lot of places, there is an honor code that is enforced. It basically tells you that if you screw up and lie about it, you get fired from that school/unit/mission. I don't advocate the "death penalty" for honor code violations, but I do think there is a good discussion point to be had there.

In some cases, young people don't intend to do bad things, they just don't know how too not do bad things. They do what they do with no sight to the unintended consequences. Perhaps talking about those things that happen when we do stupid things is the starting place.


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