Places to Go and See

Do you have favorite places in your mind and when you go back there things just aren't the same? Yesterday we went up north of Topeka to walk on an un-restored prairie and I then drove us north to Holton to eat at a nice little restaurant. (name omitted but it is the only one in Horton along the main highway) It was OK, but nothing like the rave reviews I gave it in my mind. The food was well cooked, but no imagination in the seasoning. White gravy on a chicken fried steak and it needed salt and pepper to give it anything near a taste. The salad bar and french fries were good but the steak was just bland. God I hope it is not my taste buds going south.

years ago, the Chief of Staff for the Guard, had his wife and another lady come over to our house so we could fix a dinner for the visiting 5th Army Commander. We did a wonderful combination of meats and sides that were to die for. I found out that Judy is a gourmet cook and he thinks that rice with a little salsa is almost overkill. I would weigh 400 lbs if I had a wife that could cook like that. He eats to live and I live to eat. The funny thing is guess who had to have angioplasty and who hasn't? His skinny little butt almost didn't make it. Come to think about that, three times in his life he almost didn't make it. Once was lead poisoning from and AK-47 so that really doesn't count. Pain and a fever in the right lower abdomen and I'm in the hospital. He had a burst appendix and was darned lucky to have lived through that.

Direct TV has some of the most interesting channels that I get to watch from time to time. Because I like old cars, I get to see the Car auctions held all over the US. It was amazing the cars that cost big bucks a few years ago are falling all over themselves. I saw a Corvette that was almost perfect with just a few miles on it barely made $10,000. Then a 1951 Buick Station Wagon crossed the block at over $40,000. A fake 57 Belair 2 door sedan sold for $20,000 and a fully restored Olds 442 sold for less than that. Oh well, I am just glad that I am not in that world right now. I will drive what I have and be glad I have it.

Write if you get work. bet you thought this was going to be a travelogue didn't you.


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  1. I watch the auto auctions on TV as well, Except for the exotics, prices are really down!
    Hang on to that Chevy, if you like it, that's all that counts. The last item on my bucket list is to own a Corvette, afraid if I get one I might get my ticket punched!