The Day After

Is it better to get up and attack the soreness after working hard or better to take a day off? That's the question today. Dave and I put new siding of two sides of his shed and today I'm feeling the aftereffects. We also found that there needs to be some kind of siding jack to push it up for the first couple of nails. We did use a prybar to push but it just almost didn't do the job. Oh well, during the week I get to finish new doors and the front of the shed. I will finish it all off with a dump run as the shed is still full of crap from the first owner.

The second question of the day is about pancakes. Barb makes cashew/Blue pancakes and has used a couple of ways. One way is to buy Frozen blueberries and add a little water and put them in the Microwave. You pour that over the pancake. The other way is to use the dried blueberries and put them directly in the batter. Both are good. What do you do to spice up your pancakes? In Lawton, Oklahoma, there was a pancake house that served Elvis cakes. They had peanut butter in the batter, banana slices between layers and a sprinkle of pecans in the syrup. Mighty tasty.

Every year, the Vidalia onions show up here in the heartland. They are super white onions that just add a touch of sweet to the onion taste. I sure get spoiled for that near red onion taste without the color. I haven't found much that isn't better with them added. Other than the mess, I think onion rings are about the best. I saw a program called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives where they sliced the onions real thin and cooked them like what the Red Robin calls straws. I might try that sometime this week.

Oh well, enough about food and on with the day...


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  1. The Vidalia unions are hard to beat. We had them in Georgia almost until fall. The flatter ones are the sweetest.