Can the NCAA Be the NBA Replacement?

We finally put the Baseball season to bed and I for one am looking forward to a NCAA Men's Basketball season.  Barb chose one of those half season ticket deals for Jay hawk basketball and we will see our first game early next month.  I think it will be their third game of the season and for me it will be a blast to see what miracle Bill Self can pull out after losing so many leaders off the team from last year.  They always seem to re-load not rebuild and it goes on.   I do think it is bad that the Morris twins turned pro the year there is a lock out.  They could have developed so much this year.  As it is, a lot of first year players will travel overseas and a lot of the players that might have gone there will not have any place to play.  I will watch college ball and be glad for what I have.

Last night, I watched the program Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on TV and went to the World Series game during the commercials.  I am just a junkie on new food ideas and I love to see a small place make wonderful food.  I would love to eat most of that food but it is to me a wonder how hard some of the places work to make a meal. One small diner makes their own wild rice/Blueberry bread just to make French Toast.  I know that Barb likes to use her bread maker and some of her loaves make wonderful French Toast. The other day, she brought me some apple slices with caramel.  She sprinkled sunflower seeds in the caramel and it made a wonderful snack.  I wonder if there is a way to incorporate that taste into French Toast.

Back in the day, I worked in a fast food joint in Wichita and we made our own french fries.  One of my jobs was to slice, soak and precook the fries at the start of the day.    I can't figure out why more people don't do their own and blanch the fries to get them started.  A few minutes at a lower temperature and then let them sit makes for a great fry. Now days almost all of the joints use pre bagged and prepared fries. What a shame.    Our little joint had our buns toasted with butter and we worked hard to make sure that there was an even concentration of mustard and ketchup on each burger.  When I was on the grill, I made sure the dispenser had all the proper holes cleaned out so the ratio would be the same.  Throw on a few re-hydrated onions and a pickle or two and we made a great burger for not a lot of money. 

Do you know why I got out of the fast food business?  One day a white cheerleader came into the restaurant and had her black football player's arm.  One of the black girls and her friends were waiting and a fight broke out.  About the time the white girl was on the floor and getting stomped, our rent a cop came in from the parking lot.  I had just gone over the counter from the other direction and was about to stop the fight.  As the cop cleared the door, he took the loop on his holster loose and prepared to use his gun.  He must have changed his mind and when he bent over to pick the white girl up, his gun fell out of his holster.  One of the kids there inside the restaurant watching the fight picked up the gun and brought it up pointed at the officer.  The cop snatched that gun so fast that the kid didn't even know where the gun went.  I saw the gun go back into the cops hands and I reversed direction and jumped  back over the counter.   I went over to the boss and told him that I had a Bronze Star from Vietnam and had no intention of being in the middle of a gun fight in Wichita.  I clocked out and went home.  

As you can guess, I didn't die there at Sandy's by North High and I survived to move on. 


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  1. MUD, that is quite the story. Now that I am required to carry a weapon to do my job, I am always worried that it will somehow get into the hands of "the other guy."

    We actually had that happen a few years ago (I wasn't working here at the time).

    Yeah, I think I'd have split from the fast food biz, too.

    BTW, DD&D is one of our favorite TV shows. Great look at our nation through the gut...