Home again, Home again, Jiggyity Jog

New England is a beautiful place to visit, but I personally wouldn't want to live there.  The roads are narrow and the traffic crowded.  If I had been just going for a visit and didn't have to concentrate on the road, a lot of scenery was pretty spectacular.  The leaves here at Rabbit Run were in their fall beauty just before we left and along the way a lot of  the trees were right on the cusp of turning.  In Bar Harbor the paper said they were about two weeks from the peak of turning. 

Leaves at our lunch site
Had I to make that trip again soon, I would have flown a lot of the way.  I would have spent the extra days exploring Boston and the coast up to Bar Harbor.  The days we spend driving were some of the best days with temperatures in the 70's and sunny.  The third day we were at our Road Scholar trip the weather turned 50 and rainy.  Perhaps we did get to see places we might have missed and the trip to see Melanie, Shane, Dexter and Dalton was great.  

Melanie and Dexter
House near Syracuse and just off MUD Road

Along the way picture
Right now, I am either really feeling worn out from the trip or just coming down with something.  It is possible that all the farming dust along I-70 has my sinuses plugged up and that thick feeling is just half of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri that was blowing in the air.  We did drive into a fierce head wind most of the way home with gusts of up to 30 MPH pretty regular.

I did my best to eat enough seafood to keep me filled without having to file an Environmental Impact Statement.  I think my favorite meal was the lobster meal last Wednesday night.  They served us a cup of chowder, a lobster and Cole slaw and finished the meal with the absolute best piece of Blueberry pie I have ever eaten.  Normally Barb eats kind of light and I get some of her dessert.  Not one speck of the Blueberry pie.  I had most of her chowder and an extra lobster tail by then so I was probably blessed to not get any more pie.  I didn't see many left over pieces of pie on any of the other plates either. (Here is where I would post a picture of the lobster dinner but I was charging my camera battery and forgot to put it back in my camera) - dang I hate it when that happens

The hickory trees here at Rabbit Run have for the most part lost all their leaves.  It doesn't look nearly as spectacular as when we left.  It does feel and is great to be home and once whatever I have clears up I will probably do something about the leaves and dead plants on the outside.  Going to Frost tonight and hard freeze tomorrow night so I'm sure that Barb will have plans for the head laborer later on today.  


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