Good Day Part 2.

Yesterday I mentioned some of the reasons I felt things were no going as well as they could for Americans.  Here are just a few more thoughts.

America has to be one of the most generous countries in the world.  Who else would give money to other Nations that they have to borrow?  We have sent billions of dollars overseas in the hope that others would love us and I'm pretty sure that in a lot of cases they don't even like us.  It looks like the Arabs and the Chinese have all the excess money in the world and it is about time they bailed out the really poor.  Wait, if it was a dumb idea for us, it isn't any smarter for them.  I have an idea, lets stop sending the foreign aid to other countries and start paying our national Debt with that money.  Last time I looked the French don't like us, why are they on the list? 

If the foundation of our freedom is the strength of the voters, we are in a sucky hole.  Look at the results of any election and you will find that a good share of people don't take the time and energy to vote.  If you don't care enough to vote, why would a politician care enough to do things the way you want?  At best, in a republic, you elect people and they try to do their best, not what you think is best, but what they think is best.  If you don't tell them what you think, contribuite to their campaign and vote, don't expect things to get better.

I am blown away that the Occupy Wall Street movement is so all over the place with their message.  Hey guys, pick a topic, make it clear and push hard for it.  Having 300 things you don't like is just madness.  Boil your list down to a list of the most important in priority order and shout about that.  Sitting in a park and not having a clear message is stupid. I heard on the evening news that most of the tents in one London park are empty at night. They were erected and the people go home to sleep.   Stupid and smart and I'm not sure which one stands out the most.

Don't let all thios talk about student loans fool you.  The government isn't offering to pay the for you or to give you relief from the debt.  They are reducing the percentage of the loan they expect you to pay every year once you start paying on the loans.  Same on the Mortgage programs, they are leaving you with the debt, just reducing the interest you have to pay. 

The way to find our way out to the mess we are in is to have everyone only borrow what they need and not what they want.  Work hard, pay your debts and whenever possible pay cash.  I loved Dave Ramsey the other morning when he told one of his new listeners that being debt free will eventually lead yo to not have any credit rating.  Borrowing money to have a credit rating is only prifot for the banks.  Put your money in you account and pay cash as much as possible.  Having 20% down to buy a house is a darned good way to get a loan and a better interest rate.

Now get out there and do things the right way.


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