Today is a Good Day to Live!

Somewhere in the morass of data that overwhelms us daily, there has to be enough truth to say these are some of the causes of the problems that have us perplexed.  here is just a few thoughts on what I think happened and somewhere out in the future I will try to offer some answers to the problems.

A few years back, people said that it was unfair that the United States had all the money and benefit from the production of goods and our life style was too great.  Does anyone remember NAFTA?  As I remember it, many of our jobs went overseas in the hope that the lower production costs there would benefit us all.  It had the end result of having a lot of production jobs to migrate to cheaper sources of labor and there were fewer jobs here in the US.  Companies like GE migrated their corporate headquarters to stop paying taxes in the USA.

During the Reagan years,  we spent tons and tons of money on the Military Industrial Complex in the hope that the then Soviet Union would blink and the weakness of their system would show through.  They did and it did. Many of the Former Soviet Union States left the USSR and left Russia to face the world alone.  Someone forgot to tell Washington that we no longer needed a large standing Army and we continued to spend money on the Military and that led us into looking for places to send our Armed Forces to justify the expense.  That cycle just about has us spent into the hole and perhaps it is time we blinked.  

Not that many years back, people worked for one company for most of their lives.  My Dad retired from Beech Aircraft in Wichita and he spent over 40 years there.  I retired from the Military and my wife retired from Teaching after 30+ years.  I talk to young people today and they have many of them worked for two and three companies and have no thought that there would be one entity that would owe or pay them a retirement.  In fact, many young people have trouble finding one job that will even give them a full 40 hour work week.  Benefits? Ha, I laugh at the idea that you have benefits let alone retirement.  

Countries change year to year and those that were strong Republics are moving towards a more socialist society.  Free enterprise is moving towards more socialistic and those countries that were very Socialistic are moving to a more democratic.  It is pretty clear that communism and its sister socialism is on the wane.  Free enterprise is also suffering movement and what was the norm a few years ago just isn't working.


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