Life and Death

My niece was in an accident the other day with a 4 wheeler and described the fact that she almost died when it overturned on her in a water filled ditch.  She described the event in almost a clinical way and what thoughts went through her mind.  Having been there on more than one occasion, I too only felt the events unfolding around me and not the review of my life like some people say they saw.  What she wrote was the way I too have felt.

In her account, she said that she never wakes up with the "This is a good day to die" thought in her head.  Good sound advice.   I think my thoughts every day turn to what the heck can I do worthwhile and fun today?  There might be some days that at the end I find I goofed off more than I wanted and just accomplished the passing of another day.  But in the end, they are mostly my days and I am the source for my happiness so what the hell?  

I will fully admit that If my life was to end today, I would want people to smile and say that "Dennis, he was a hoot!"  I have lived  as full a life to date as I think anyone would want.  I have seen the world, Married a wonderful woman, survived a year in combat, had a son, had a great career, been recognized with lots of awards and Decorations and met hundreds of people that make me smile.  I don't want to die today because I don't feel like I have fulfilled my desire to slide into my grave all worn out, broke and be there a hour before the Devil knows I'm dead.   There is a lot more I am going to do, miles I plan to drive and bike paths that I will cover.  But in the event it ends, tell a Denny joke not shed tears.  

Don't think of this blog as a morbid thing, think of it as a statement of celebration from an old fart that has "Been there, going to do that,"  if I have a chance.   
MUD and Harvey in Bentonville at the American Art Museum overlook


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  1. Hey...in case you were wondering, I love you.