Occupy Wall Street

Have we as a nation slipped so low that we have made it seem impossible to be a success through getting an Education and Hard Work?  If that is the case, I could kind of develop a good feeling about the OWS crowd.  I  tried to listen to them articulate their ideals yesterday on the Dave Ramsey program and I find it like taking a shotgun to kill a mouse.  The damage done by the gun would surely cost more than the mouse could.  They also do not have a clear message that anyone could solve.  I contend that the problem is in Washington not just Wall Street.

I agree that the Presidents of major Corporations should not be paid millions of dollars in bonuses when they strip their workforce to save dollars.  Golden parachutes would be gone and the door would hit a lot of them in the ass on their way out.  But, with that said, why don't the protestors feel that John Travolta who has enough money to fly his own Boeing 727 is not just as wrong?  Why do Athletes in Major Sports make so damn much money that the only way we can watch them play is to stay home and watch TV?  Why should it cost $10@ (without any popcorn and a coke) to go to a movie?  If we want to complain about the fat cats and robber barons that can afford homes near Bar Harbor, Maine.  Martha Stewart has one there too.

Put the Congress back in the real world retirement and Medical system like the rest of us and see how soon they find a few answers.  Make them have a real budget and pay them only what they save from last year.  Make the president pay for the excesses in the White House and see how long it takes clear out the Lincoln Bedroom and make it pay for its self. I'll bet people would pay for the tour of the White House if they knew it was for a good cause.  Hell, people pay good money to go to Graceland and Elvis has been dead how many years?  

How can Washington expect us to think they are telling the truth when they say there is zero inflation.  I would rather that they say, "OK you old folks,  no raises this year tighten your belts" than try to convince us that it isn't costing us a hell of a lot more to live this year.    I'm not saying I can afford it, just saying that I expect them to tell the truth when they lie to us.  

I am pretty sure that we all have a little wiggle room in our budgets to  take trips, have a cabin by the lake and buy new cars.  It is just that I want to be the person to decide what way I wiggle when I squirm around and pay my bills.  The last thing I want to hear is that Washington is "here to help us."  


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  1. Good post. I'm sure a lot of us out in cyberland agree with your comments.
    If the gov'ment would just quit telling us lies.