Hate and Evil

This last week, a man broke into the home of a mentally handicapped man near Council Grove Kansas.   He had some perception that the handicapped man had somehow said something bad about his family.  He beat the victim and then poured alcohol on him and started a fire.  Though burned badly, the handicapped man lived.  The question is, was this a hate crime?  What is a personal injury crime but the expression of a hatred for the other person?  Because the victim was black and the perpetrator white, does this carry some special level of hate?  Is there a possibility that the perpetrator thought so little of the man that burning him was just another thing to do?  Is this almost the opposite of hate and the absence of feelings for another human being? Beats the heck out of me in this case.  I would task the NAACP to find ways to celebrate where the races find common grounds and celebrate life as hard as they look for places to label as hate.

My niece Rebecca De Mauro was interviewed by the BBC and in that interview she talks about her struggle with hate against the man that took the life of her daughter Andi.  She talks about the mixed feelings she has and how she has struggled to forgive Karl Roberts before that hate consumed her.  I am a much lesser man in that I haven't found the ability to not hate him.  I would shed my worldly possessions to have just one hour to share my disgust directly with Uncle Karl.  Where I do differ is that I can function with a pretty high level of hate and not turn my innards to ash.  I would never seek you out and do you harm intentionally, but trust me when I say do not threaten me or my family and expect me to turn the other cheek.  I urge you to go to Andi Brewer's Facebook page to read more.

Over and Over we hear the plea that insanity prevailed in the killing of others.  Do I think you have to be borderline insane to take another person's life?  I guess so, it is the intent that causes me concern.  If a person had the capacity to know right from wrong and he knows what he did is wrong, he is sane in my book.  In the case of my Niece Andi, Karl tried to hide the body and cover up what he had done.  He was one heartless son of a bitch to rape and then kill a 12 year old.  Do I think he needs to be executed for that crime?  Yes sir, and I would be "Johnny on the spot" to do it if Arkansas could not find a willing executioner.

Andi Brewer 



  1. MUD, I'll be honest. This post brought a tear to my eye. Seriously, I'm choking it back right now.

    I understand your niece...and I understand you, too. We all deal with things differently. I can not imagine the despair and agony that Rebecca dealt with. Forgiveness probably liberated her from a little bit of that...and when you're in agony, even a little relief must be welcome.

    Some people do not believe that there is a devil...a satan. I am not one of those. People like Karl yield to his evil until their minds are reprobate. They are insane. The devil does that to people. Does that mean we cut them some slack? Hell no...consequences.

    Okay, I'm not trying to sob now. Andi was just precious. Seriously. Okay...I'm back trying to cry. Dammit, MUD!

  2. I can never forgive this type of crime. Never.

  3. I have known many people over the years that I felt were psychopaths and just not wired the same way we are. If I was willing to go to war for my country, why would I not be willing to take out someone that means bad things to people I love. While I would love to have a grandchild, I cannot imagine the grief of losing one in the way that Andi suffered. My heart is heavy.

  4. Your heart is heavy...as indeed it should be. Hell, mine is too, and I never knew the child.

    I can relate, MUD. Sometimes I think I'd like to have a grandchild. But, when I see the evil that abounds, I am sometimes glad that I do not.

    You make an excellent point about going to war. Heck, there's a war going on around us all the time. Imma say a prayer for Rebecca, you, and your whole clan. Junk like this always happens to "other people." Just don't know if I'd be able to stay sane myself if it happened to me.

    Dammit, MUD! I'm choking up again...