Smile On My Face

One night years ago, I was teaching a class at TeleTech and one of my students asked me why I don't smile more?   I said I smile all the time and the entire class agreed that I was like an Army Ranger on a Mission and all business most of the time. I counted  to the class all the things I had to be happy about in my life and made sure that they knew they were a part of that happiness.  Getting to meet those kids and teaching them about what to expect was one of my joys.  I guess too many years in the Military took that smile and hid it.  I promise you that there is a big old smile in my heart most of the time even if it doesn't leak over to my face.

This week, I went out to the National Guard Museum at Forbes Field and got to say good bye to my friend Melvin Simpson.  He lived a full life and dedicated a lot of it to the Museum.  His was the first viewing and funeral there inside the new meeting room.  I didn't stay to meet his family as like most of the people I knew in the Guard, I didn't know much about them and I'm sure they didn't know me.

I am sure that after this last time, I want there to be a cremation and no public viewing of me after I die.  I want goofy pictures and smiles abounding not the body without any life left in it.  I have a picture of my mother on my computer and one in my heart.  The picture of Mom in my heart is one of smiles and laughter and love.  That's the way I'm sure we all want to be remembered not at the end of life.

I think one of the solutions of the debt Crisis for the Government is to find a way to have the seniors out there buy some of the houses on the Fannie and Freddie roles with some of our IRA's, 401(k)s or 503(b)s without any tax consequence.  I have to believe that the relief today has to be better than the possibility of a little tax revenue later on.  I'm not for having the seniors use all their savings in such a manner, perhaps just one house per family.  I for one will turn it into rental property and help a family that is struggling to make it without the big house payment to worry about.  

OH well, Smile and make them wonder what you have been up to.


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