Who to Blame

As long as there has been a history of the United States, there has been one party blaming the other party for all the ills of our wonderful country.  The rancor you are hearing today is maddening, but not unique to just this time.  In Barbara's perfect world, the news programs would just report the news and not shape the debate to favor any party or person or sex. I know the economy is in a tough place, what can we do to fix it?  Unfortunately, there is the past election and the coming election that is on the mind and the lead off topic and the news programs are all fighting for increased numbers which relates to increased revenues.  I try not o listen to the National news any more than I have to.  Those "Gotcha Moments" don't appeal to me.   

Our local NAACP activist has a column in the paper and it never ceases to amaze me that she looks for those one or two examples of extremism and tries her best to  pin that label on us all.  One or two idiots shout "let 'em die" at a debate and suddenly in her world. the whole Republican party wants to kill all the poor people.   I think we need to "shout let 'em work."  I would feel a lot better if we had jobs for the poor and not support Pakistan when they build a 13 Billion dollar dam.  

My reason for writing today is that there is no national level plan to identify the problems today, let alone fix them.  Either party could sweep the next election if they could articulate a clear plan to start working on the problems of today.  My old sword of  "Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way!"  never had a clearer message.  If you can't fix anything, don't shout at those that are trying.  By the same token, if they aren't working on making it better with a good comprehensive plan throw them all out. 


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