Cool Nights

This is the weather that starts out cool enough for a jacket and ends in shirtsleeves.  The only problem is that it doesn't last long enough.  The even better news is that the trees will start turning reds and yellows soon and we are in for some beautiful days.  

This morning I started out the day with a nice piece of Peanut and pear butter toast and a cuppa coffee (X2).  Barb makes some great pear butter and it just compliments the natural peanut butter we buy.  I have trouble with cotton seed oil and the only brand we can find without it also has no sugar in it.  Throw in some honey or pear butter and man is that ever a treat on toast. 

We got a letter from AT&T yesterday and I almost just threw it away.  We cancelled them a couple of months ago over the way they reacted to a request from Barb.  Inside the letter was a check for just over $30.00.  Evidently they found a way to over charge their customers and the FCC made them pay us back.  Serves them right.  

I am listening to the Sugar Land CD again this morning and it sure is some good music.  I really love how varied their music is.  One song has a strong drum beat and the next song is a love ballad.  They have such an uplifting message in their songs.  "Open up your heart and let it in. Find the beat Again"

I think our country has forgotten just how strong and good we can be.  We have moved in the direction of Political Correctness and have spent way too much time apologizing for who we are.  We are the strongest country in the world and could obliterate any thing or anyone we desire and it is a testament that we don't.  Why when we have to borrow the money are we sending everyone money?   Instead of buying a new Mercedes, the Saudi's need to send some money to the oil poor countries.  Keep our money and troops home.


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