Yea, My Bike Buddy Rides Again

A few weeks back, my wife Barb slipped on the stairs and severely sprained her ankle.  That made riding her bike not a nice thing.  For three weeks or so, I would have to load up my bike and ride solo.  Today for the first time in a long time she rode three or four miles.  I am glad to have her back.  She isn't fast yet but she packs a camera and will stop and take pictures of the wild things in a heartbeat.  

I was informed that one of my first "girl friends" in life passed away last week.  As I looked her Obituary up on the Wichita Eagle web site, I saw that another of my 1965 class mates from Wichita east High School had passed away.   I guess when you get to the bottom end of the bell curve for normal life expectancy this is the beginning of the many times we will see our friends passing.  Both of those ladies were fine people so I guess there is nothing in life that will keep you off the list if it is your time. 

If I have my way, I want to die in one quick strike of an accident or incident.  I just hope that it goes quick and without not a lot of pain.  Years ago one of my friends told us that his 97 year old grandmother was killed when she stepped off the curb in front of a cement truck.  He laughed that the leading cause of death in his family was trucks.  Within a few short months he lost both of his parents and so did his wife.   Not long after that I lost my dad and then my step dad and finally about a couple of years ago my mom.  How does that old song go? "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child"   Not really, I know they will all be remembered for the fun things they brought to our lives.   

I have a lot of things to do so I'd better get on the stick and do some of them.


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