TV Movie Last Night

On one of the HD channels, there was a made for TV movie that took 32 Democrats and showed them from the euphoria of Obama's message in the last campaign and contrasted that feeling with the reality of today.  I think the real message is that it isn't just the difference between what could happen and did happen, but what he promised and what happened.  He said that Bush was a bad person for raising the National Debt 4 Trillion in 8 years.  It went up that 4 trillion in 4 years.  The Bail out was going to put people back to work and we have hundred of thousands still on unemployment and many more that can't find work and don't have any benefits.  One reason that there are more people on some form of National health care is that they get Medicaid.   

As I saw the message again from Obama's campaign he promised a new set of conditions and I paid $3.74 a gallon for gas when it was $1.83 when he came into office.  Go buy groceries and then listen to the message that inflation is nil.  I don't know where they are measuring it, but ask anyone trying to feed, house and clothe their family and ask them, what has happened to costs in the last four years.     

I am going on vacation for four or five days and I will not watch TV or listen to radio.  Bye.


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