What Do I Want?

Lets be fair, there is room in our political scene for all sides to have a voice.  I don't want either side to clearly dominate everything and have things passed that are on the extreme side of the ledger.  My vision is that both sides will find ways to govern our country that is both fair and makes sense. 

Clearly, something needs to be done with the Government spending.  We cannot continue to borrow 40% of everything we spend without having a failure that makes Greece look like a pity party not a collapse.  In my humble opinion, we either have to cut spending or increase revenue.  If the GOP fail to cut some of the Military spending, that won't work.  If the Dems don't step back some of their spending ways, that won't work.  The congress must start with a budget and live within that budget.  For years, there have been laws on the books that haven't been funded.  These unfunded mandates either need to be eliminated or at least have someone stand up and make sure that the public knows what we will not fund.  I think Congress is so busy moving on with new programs that they fail to tell us what is really happening.

To be fair, the other day there was an online test to see who we most agreed with.  I agreed with Barack about 51% of the time.  I do not want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I agreed with Mitt about 90% of the time but I do not want my Government playing with women's rights to an abortion.  That is a matter between a woman, her doctor and her conscience.  

I guess I want a country that the Government tries its best to give us an equal chance, not equal outcomes.  It is up to me how hard I work to get an education and then how hard I work to make a good life for myself.  If I choose to have a lot of things early in my life, that is my choice.  What I don't want is for the Government to be so intrusive and help everyone else to the detriment of my chance to do well.  

I am opposed to a Government that intrudes into everything in our lives.  I would have trouble living in Morocco where you aren't allowed to say a disparaging word about the king.  Not that I think he has an easy job keeping everything moving forward.  I guess he tries hard for his country and that's all they can expect.

I personally am not that unhappy with the way things are right now.  I think if the congress would work hard to make things better not worse, we could wiggle our way out of the current problems.  The one thing I can see is that if we do what we did, we will get what we got.


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