What Percent are You?

I for one don't understand what percentage I should be.  Here are the reasons:
  • I worked all my life and paid into the Social Security System.  So did my wife.  Am I to be denigrated for wanting some of my money back?
  • Barb and I paid into a separate retirement system. (Both took about 7% more than Social Security they also took out) if I recall. I damn sure don't back up to the pay table on payday.
  • For all my adult life I have paid Blue Cross and Blue Shield for Insurance coverage.  Now they tell me I am eligible for Medicare through no fault of mine. 
  • Like Mr Romney, I took advantage of the Tax laws and a part of my retirement income is treated different than earned income.  Unlike Mitt, I don't give 15 to 35% of it to charity.  I give it to the Petty charitable foundation and share it with family that need it.  
  • I worry about the Government borrowing an additional 4 trillion dollars and the effect on the future generations.  
  • If I bet on a horse in a race and he doesn't win, I damn sure don't bet on him again.
  • I try to speak for those things I feel strongly about.  I am also the first to laugh when I screw something up.  
  •  When the Government bailed out GM, it took my GM stock and told me to "shove it!"  They didn't do that to the Unions.  That stock I paid for when I worked for GM.  $47 a share was my adjusted basis for that stock.  Thank God I didn't have more.
  • I believe in a strong Government, it is what that Government does that I don't love.  The Congress at both the State and federal level must think they need to invent Government.  I would like for them to just once go in and tell the truth about what they are funding and enforcing.  Kind of like a school District's budget they tell everyone about and not the record of the actual expenditures.  They tell the teachers there is no money in the budget for a raise and then at the end of the year buy buses out of excess funds.  Budget is what I plan for the money - Record of Expenditures what I really did with the money.
  • I just expect people to tell the truth or tell stories.  My built-in BS detector goes off when I hear any of the National news casters talk.  At least I know where Rush is coming from.  
  • I ride my recumbent bike to stay active.  I believe you don't stop exercise because you are getting older.  You get old because you don't do anything to stay fit.  I ate myself to 270 lbs and stopped eating as much to get down to 240. Yes, I come from a family of large livers.  Not long livers, large one's.
One thing I want everyone to know is that I love the USA.  There is no place else in the world that would have such diverse people as we do and treat them all fairly.  I think our Government is kind of like a pot of boiling water and the steam gets vented all the time.  That is unlike those places where people have to riot to get their voice heard.  


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