There have been times in my life that stand out more than other times.  Most of those times are surrounded by music.  It makes me glad to hear great music and even happier when I get a chance to join in and make some of that music.  The other day I was watching TV and flipping through the channels because there was nothing I really wanted to watch.  I hit on a channel that had a great sound.  I soon discovered that it was Sugar land and I was almost blown away by the great sound and the theme of most of the songs.  They are a little country but lean to the rock and roll side with just a  twinge of an accent.  Jennifer Nettles and her partner Kristian Bush write a lot of their songs and Jennifer's smile and music just makes my heart smile.

I am not sure where to place my love of music hard and firm.  I know we would go to my grandmother's house and sing loud and proud.  Grandmother and Mom both played the piano.  My sister, Carol,  (a Retired Music teacher) would platy the guitar and I knew almost all the words to the old songs.  That love of music carried over to Minneha Elementary where Mrs Hollaway  had us singing from day one and every day.  By the time I was in the fourth grade I was in the performance choir and from then on, I sang my way through school.  In High School I was in the best choir I ever sang in.  I was in the 20 voice Madrigal group and won a gold medal at State two years.  

Today I was in Best Buy to take Dave some Apple Cider Donuts that Barb made and I picked up the latest Sugar Land CD.  In that set was a DVD of them performing some of the music.  Best hour of the day.  Now I am listening to the CD while writing this.  I found it interesting that the only fear they had was the fear that they might not be able to find the spark for new songs.  I think they should know that all they have to do is sing with their hearts and the music will follow.

Tomorrow, Boys and Girls.


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