Old Eyes - new Views

The other day I was doing something on my computer and the screen changed to a much smaller view.  Being an older adult, I considered filing a Older Adult Abuse complaint but it dawned on me that if it can get smaller, there must be a setting that makes it larger.  Yea, I can make it so big that I can actually see it and not have to move the bar at the bottom of the screen to see the whole page.  About 150% is pretty much right on.  Now if they can figure out how to help me hear Barbara from two rooms away. 

I have decided that there are just a few things that a person should have someone else do.  Shocks or struts on a 2004 Ford is one of them.  Another is Oil changes.  In the past I would crawl under the car and fight the filter off and drain the oil into a pan and then have to haul the used oil back to the parts house.  Now I just let the guy that gets paid to do that worry about how,when or where to recycle the stuff.  I might feel different if I really used the old oil myself.   Just how much oil can you run through the chain oilier on a chainsaw? 

On the odd side, I have noticed that the first load of laundry is almost Barbara's stuff.  I wonder if she is trying to tell me something or if my stuff is just dirtier than hers and she wants to not cross contaminate?  In the end it all gets washed but sorting by color (and then remembering to add detergent) is more than I can be expected to do if there is something else on my mind.  There was a time I could multi-task with the best of them, but times they are a changing.

On of my High School friends said her youngest is 32 today.  She wondered if that was possible.  If she had started raising kids as soon as she was able, she could have a kid about to turn 50.  We waited to start our family and our one and only is about to turn 37.  (If I can get my math right 2012-1975 = 37 right?) 

For the record, the first signs of fall colors have arrived here at Rabbit Run.  I see reds and yellows out of the windows.  Beautiful stuff.


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