Being retired, I find that every day is a lot more like the other days of the week and the need to rest up from restin' up is not such a big deal.  In fact, I often find myself doing things the hard way to take time and stay in shape.  Yesterday I took the lawn mower and ground up some old straw bales and put the residue in the compost pile.  I also tried to find about enough green grass to make it about 50:50 green to brown.  I really need to get a pickup load of manure from the dairy up the road to make it all work out well over the winter.

Today I am going to do my best to not tear into some large project.  I intend to spend the day doing things with the wife.  Well, she gets up later than I do and I read the paper alone and I'm pretty sure she will want to do the same.  After we both finish the reading, breakfast  and morning ablutions we will probably try to do something together.  Perhaps.

While reading a book last night, I watched at the K-State vs OU football game.  It was pretty clear that OU was amped up and were going to try to repeat their victory over K-State from last year.  Perhaps if they had just focused on the good honest smash mouth football they used in previous years they could have won the game.   Instead, K-State played hard and got the bounce on three turn-overs and beat those pesky Sooners. At Fort Sill, OK, it was the consensus of those in the Field Artillery OCS that wind does not blow in Oklahoma, it sucks.  Proof enough in the game last night.  In the fourth quarter K-State had the lead and the ball and managed to do something few have done.  You could hear the groans from the fans as they ball controlled the game to a final end.  Instead of the shouting, there was near silence at the end of the game.  Way to go Wildcats.

This morning I started out the door to fetch the paper and I grabbed a jacket off the coat rack downstairs.  It was about 38 degrees outside and I am darned glad that I put the jacket on.  In fact, I am still wearing that jacket to ward off the chill I got outside.  Sure hope that it is not a fever and the start of something I won't get over in 48 hours.  Thursday morning I have a date with an airplane taking us to Salt Lake City.  There is a birthday and an anniversary we will help my in-Laws celebrate.  I hope to get to see a lot of kids on the trip also.  Their smiles just spill over in my heart and I love it.  There is also a certain little dog there that just loves to sit in my lap and get petted.  Bonus.

Well, I hear those magic words, "Breakfast is ready" so I'd better get at it while it is hot. Oh, the other day Barb asked me to tell her those three little words every woman wants to hear.  "Rock Chalk, Jayhawk" immediately came to mind. 


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