You're Not a Word Nazi, Are You?

When I attended the Master Foods Classes, the instructors and some of the old ladies attending the class were just "Food Nazis."  One lady told me I had to place a measuring cup on the counter and level the liquid in the cup or it wasn't the right measurement.  I told her that for 30 years I had to level the bubbles on my howitzers and damn sure could tell when it is absolutely important.  After all, it isn't anything but cooking.   I would listen about cross contamination and clean kitchens but unless it is baking I do my cooking to taste and thickness.  Close counts in cooking, Illumination, Horse shoes, hand grenades and nuclear weapons. 

Today I read at least three comments where the writer wrote your instead of you're.  I know that noticing the difference is Petty but  I had that drummed into my head over and over in school.  In fact I seldom use you're and use the you are form so as to not confuse myself.  I know there is a time coming that I can hide my own Easter eggs.  I do not know what eggs and bunny rabbits have to do with the resurrection, but I did see  a program where Santa Clause went over to the manger to visit the baby Jesus.  I guess it all flows together after a while. 

I am about ready to hit the road again for the weekend and I am glad to get the heck out of town.  I won't get sucked into working on the Ford or Dave's Malibu where I am going.  I fear that we are nearing the time where we need to put in a heater core on Dave's car and I know that it will entail many hours of working under the dash with a sore back.  It is the cheap Charlie that keeps me from taking the car to a shop and having them do it.  

Oh well, life and me are not perfect so I will just try to keep on doing what I can and living as long as I can.


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