Don't Drink the Water in Skiatook

We made one of those mad rushes to Oklahoma.  It was not the pace that made us mad but the unhappiness with the lawyers.  In fact, they gave us a piece of paper that said they wanted off our case.  The first guy in the firm got too busy to handle our little case and the last guy felt that we hurt his feelings when we told him what the law said and wondered why they didn't do what it said.  His mother must have made him cry a lot. 

The reason I said don't drink the water in Skiatook is that a couple of days ago my brother stood up too quick and fell down on the coffee table.  He is recovering from surgery and the Doctor prescribed some medicine he is allergic to.  Me, I fell down in the dark bedroom because I lost all reference to the ground in the dark.  I had my suitcase piled up near the bed and just mis-guessed where it was.   The worst bruise was on my ego.  In my dreams I am this young virile stud muffin that can jump  over tall building with a single leap.  Not true, sadly.

I can't tell if it is going to rain here or not.  It is very cloudy but it hasn't sprinkled yet.  Probably waiting for me to get out the mower and start around the yard.   Oh well, if it starts to rain I have a good book to read.  

When it rains it pours.  Yesterday on the first day back from our trip, I needed to go to the bank to fetch a resupply of money.  The good news is that I had a couple of checks to cash.  The bad news was that Dave's car needed two front tires.  We are helping them out while his wife is trying to overcome her health issues.  Besides that, they are the nicest people we know so why not.  You have heard the old saying, "You can Pay me now or you can pay me later?"   As our only heir, why not share now. 

This has been my week to see a bunch of cute kids.  I always tell the parents that they could just give one to us if they are a problem.  So far that hasn't worked.  I did see one lady with four or five kids in a cart at Wal*Mart a while back and told he that I would take one off her hands.  She said, "NO, it you take one, you take them all..."  My enthusiasm went away.  So did I.

We got our driveway pads redone this last week and it sure is nice to drive in the garage without knocking the suspension out from under the front of the car.  Perhaps now it is time to go spend some money on the front end.  After about 70,000 miles it is time to redo the front shocks. 

Better go see if I can get in a short round of mowing 


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