All Home and Safe

Yesterday afternoon we pulled into the drive at Rabbit Run here in Tecumseh, BY GOD" Kansas and a grander sight was not seen by a more appreciative audience. The dogs were asleep in the warm sun and didn't even look up to bark but the house was still there and the were inhabitants were fed in our absence. Thank you David.
Yesterday was the run off for the School Board at Large position. There are only two of us running for position 2 so we won't be seen on the ballot until April. I am pleased to know that my opponent is one of the nicest guys we know and either way Tecumseh South will be represented well on the board either way. If I am elected it would eliminate the substitute teacher job in the Shawnee Heights area. As I turn 60 this year and the Military retirement kicks in I'm not sure that I wouldn't have stopped any way. I'm not sure what effect it will have on Barb's continuing or not. I am pretty sure that if elected and Barb teaching I would not get to participate in the negotiations next year.
Jeez, what happened to the stock market yesterday? I am glad that only one small investment I have is in stocks. Most of my retirement is in Government Bonds and real estate (IRAs w/Cap Federal) I have always felt that my retirement funds were not to be touched so they would be in the long haul investments. The return of my money is more important than the return on my money.
Arizona is a grand place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Either I brought a cold with me or something aggravated my sinuses so bad that carrying a box of Kleenex became as common as my camera. I am well on the mend today but my nose is peeling off a layer today I have treated it with Neosporin and Bag Balm. The latter smells kind of like sulfur but hey, not even Kleenex sticks to your nose after a good application. If its good enough for the business end of cows, it has to be good enough for my nose. I was a little disappointed with my photo's and wondered what was the difference? As I watched Nova last night on NPR the talked about a photographer with National Geographic. His editor chastised him for shooting a session during the day at Mount Vernon, VA. Early or late light is the dramatic light and because we were on Vacation we were not out either early or late. Perhaps if my nose had felt better I might have wanted top shoot with the light later or earlier in the day. Our two shoots in the late afternoon last year did produce much more spectacular shots.
The automated call system called me twice today and both times I bailed out as "Sick". The first one was as a PE Teacher and the other was as a Special Ed Teacher. I just didn't feel up to a rigid schedule today. I will do a little house cleaning today and perhaps if it does get to 60 as promised I'll air up the bike and hit the trail around the lake once.
Last night Da' Barb's went to their weekly Weight Watchers class. Both are well on their way to success. Barb didn't gain on our trip and in fact lost a pound. Dave's wife Barb has hit the 20 lb loss level and we are proud of her hard work. I have high hopes that somewhere down the line her blood sugar problems work their way out of her system and she and her Doctor think she can work on a Grand Child. We love Dave and Barb either way but getting to spoil a grand chillen' or two would be the icing on the cake. We have enough in our life to love, but have more love to give if there becomes an appropriate target. We would settle for any race or religion at this point but I'm sure that they haven't given completely up on one of their own.
I had better quit this rambling on and get on with resting up from resting up. MUD

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