To all of the Ladies out there

Happy Valentines Day! I cannot imagine living in a world where there were not women. You give us the ability to be ourselves without all the posturing. You unconditionally love us and give us a good reason to show our nice side.
I have spent 39 wonderful years with Barbara and I think this is one of the first I have not sent a Valentine. I don't remember if I sent one in 1969 but I'm pretty sure I was home shortly after that to share our 8X38 rolling love machine. (OK, it was a Rolla Mobile home and a not too pretty one at that.) It was sure a lot more important to have us together than it was where we were together.
Barb and I will have a special Valentines Day meal next week in Tucson where the warm weather will rule. We will probably take our cameras and shoot the flora and fauna ad nauseum.
Spent the day in a Language Arts Class with Sophomores and Juniors. It was a good time had by all (OK, I had fun) It was kind of Ironic that I failed Freshman English in High School and here I am teaching it.
I'd better get back to the game. I love you Barb. Dennis


  1. You're too kind! Women can be witches with a capital B and I have met many of them. I had some bosses, when I worked daytime jobs years ago, who were beyond belief.
    But thanks anyway, for complimenting us. :-)

  2. Nice one, too bad more dudes aren't as eloquent in expressing their appreciation...I like the part where you say "be ourselves without all the posturing". Definately belongs on an expensive greeting card. Kidding. Your wife is lucky! Hope your Valentine's Day was superb! E