Border War!

The hype of the Missouri - Kansas basketball game on Saturday was so over done that I laughed most of the way through the second half. If the Hawks score more than 80 points they can beat anybody. If the score near 60 they will get whipped. Most of that is their own attitude and confidence more than the other team. One announcer did make a statement that rang true. Right now there are probably only three teams that can beat Florida. Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas (Perhaps we are on that list because we beat them?) I would love to see the final Four be Texas A&M against Kansas and North Carolina against Florida. Follow that with a North Carolina Vs Kansas where Kansas beats "Roy's boys" and my season would be complete. What will happen? Who Knows but hang on the season is getting to the fun part and will be over way too soon.

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  1. why be so judgmental? obviously I've thought about the flu.