Say What?

As I read one of the Blogs today, I read that Barak Obama is trailing Hillary in the Black vote. It seems that he is not "Black" enough for some people. Somewhere, it seems, people have lost sight of the fact that our goal is to not have him described as a black man but the "Senator from Ohio". He happens to be black but that should not be the defining thing about him.
Senator Obama is the American born son of an African and a White woman from Kansas. He is a little more liberal than I want him to be but way less liberal than Hillary. Whomever is the next President will have their hands full righting the ship of state and putting us back on the path for success. Do too much for the people and they will lose their initiative to work. Do too little and they will not go fight for "theirs". Stop spending as much and the economy will grind to a halt. Continue to spend too much and the $ will devalue and we will continue to decline against the world currencies. I think the biggest thing our government needs to do is to help our businesses produce the goods our consumers want and need. Let China sell their electronics to the Arabs for Oil. We need to produce items that generate renewable energy (Solar, wind and water) We need to build more efficient cars and houses. We sure as hell need to pay our teachers what they are worth or start forgiving their student loans as they teach. The improvement in our society will need to be built on a strong foundation of education. It makes me sad that we are willing to pay a suspected doped up Baseball player 15 million dollars a year (Barry Bonds) and pay our teachers $30,000 a year.
I have been working in the "Special Ed" room for most of the last month and have really found a love for the kids as they work. I have been a taskmaster but most of the students have responded to me with hard work. I don't find ability linked to color. There are a lot of little kids that will continue to work hard and overcome or they will be trapped in jobs that don't include a lot of writing and math. Is that all bad? Someone had to do those jobs. I am going to return to being a regular substitute teacher starting next Monday and I'll miss all my little friends. Even if the do reverse their B's and D's. To the Wesley's, Rickies, Kylas's and Brads out there good luck.

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