Why Arizona?

We grew Weary of being in the cold and wanted to be where even the Cactus looked sun burnt. This beautiful Prickly Pear Cactus was seen growing along the road and I just had to get a picture.

As we flew over western Kansas the view from our plane window was a coating of snow and it looked as cold as it had been most of January

Here is Barbara on our first day out in the flora and Fauna of Arizona. Shortly after this picture was taken she shed her sweatshirt.

We had a couple of days with cooler weather but compare to the scenes of the snowstorm blowing across the heartland I think we made a pretty good choice.
My nose thinks it is a water faucet as it drips and drips. So far there is nothing but clear snot but I really do wish it would dry up and blow away. Oh well, I can't be in the nicest place in the US and not have a few problems. MUD


  1. Back in business!!!

  2. We are in Chandler, AZ for tonight. We are staying at a Hampton Inn. Nice but pricey.