Geez Louise!

To all of the K-State Fans out there, You can keep the character building, we want wins. in spite of all the things the K-State fans said, they were humiliated last night in Lawrence. Everything they tried to do well was a bust. The shots from the outside, the ball handling, their inside play most went for naught. They did have one guy that could drive and score but other than one guy they couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a base fiddle. Yes, I'll wait until next year when you are better but don't hold your breath. We won't get another shot at Texas A&M but we will again come to your home and do our best to help you build character as we win again.
Today I was a substitute with a sorry group of fifth graders. They were rude, noisy and just down right sloppy. They created a mess in the room that was just not right. I really feel for their teacher. She has her hands full and need to be given some relief.
Oh well, when the wife gets home we are going out to dinner. Write if you get work... Dennis

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  1. I strongly agree with you about the drugs. I think she was depressed about her son and you know how some women who just had kids go through depression, and I think that on top of her sons death made her get even more nutty than she was..