My list of me!

I AM: Nearing the age of 60. I am growing older and watching my youth slip away. I can still ride my bike and with the wind blowing through my hair, smile at the joy. I am not the man I once was and sometimes,I am not the man I was, once.
I SAID: I believe in truth and hate it when people are not truthful. I am rude to people that say things that are not true.
I WANT: to continue to have everything I need and having most of what I want. I never want to have everything I want because that would make me stale and unwilling to do things to finish that wants list.
I WISH: Everyone was willing to get out there and struggle, fight and work for better days. It is when you give up that fight or never start fighting that all is lost. There does need to be a time that you have enough of what you need. Hopefully there is a Walmart store nearby for those things you want. (This is a metaphore people- don’t jump on me because of your own personal preferences. If you don’t want to shop there, don’t)
I HATE: To hate… Why can’t people just get along and do their own thing.
I MISS: very darned little. In fact, I wish I had fewer things to rubble up my life.
I FEAR: that I have little fear. Sometimes I wonder how close I come to not living to the next day because I sometime don’t step away from situations and things that could get me killed.
I HEAR: A constant ringing in my ears because of tinnitus. Years in the Artillery and high blood pressure will do that to you. Thank god I can still read lips.
I WONDER: Just how long I have to live. I will live to the end and be glad for the time I had.
I REGRET: Not being able to see the alternative futures I could have lived. I have often wondered what my life would have brought if I had gone to flight school. I treasure that I met Barbara but still wonder what “might have been if?”
I AM NOT: Much, but what stands before you. I am darned straightforward, outspoken, loving, caring and sometimes hard. But, I am not devious.
I DANCE: very little on the outside but often I soar in my dreams.
I SING: As much as I can as often as I can. I think I love the pre-school work because they sing and dance and laugh with you and never at you.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: kind. I often scare myself at how ruthless I can be.
I Made: a lot of money in my lifetime and Barbara knows where most of the gold is buried.
I WRITE: as much as I can to learn and let the words escape. I think my spelling gets better because of spell checker kicks all my stupid words out with a red squiggle.
I CONFUSE: names because I am getting old. Not that I was ever all that good. I loved the Military where we all wore nametags.
I NEED: (See Wants above and you will understand.)
I SHOULD: keep trying to be a nicer person.
I START: A lot of things and finish some.
I FINISH: the absolute necessary and some of the fun and avoid the dull drab and un fun.
I BELIEVE: That in the end, the person with the most things, still dies.
I KNOW: That every day I don’t learn something new, I do not progress. For example did you know there is a second verse of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, knees and toes. I think it is something like neck, hips, back and legs. I also know that I am not young enough to do the fast version of Head and shoulders. But I can joyfully sing and laugh and smile when we do.
I CAN: Take a group of people and solve about any problem. I love to watch people grow and achieve.
I CAN’T: abide people that absolutely refuse to grow or move from where they are in their life.
I SEE: a lot of things in black and white. I believe in justice and not fairness. In fact, I often shout that no one ever said life was fair. Yellow snow is seldom lemonaide.
I BLOG: Because Becky harassed me until I did. I continue to Blog because I find the outlet refreshing.
I READ: as much as my eyes will allow. I love WEB Griffin and a lot of horror books. I don’t read mysteries because they make feel stupid that I didn’t know it was Col Mustard in the Study with the candlestick..
I AM AROUSED BY: Not near as many things as I once was. I still admire the female figure but not near as much as I once did.
I FIND: A lot of things that I have lost and didn’t even miss them. I often lose things and find them because I stumbled onto them in the process of my life.
I LIKE: Dogs, most pets, warm days and bikesI LOVE: Barbara, David, Dave’s wife Barbara, the thought that someday they too will have everything they need and most of what they want.


  1. Wow..I never though of doing all that. I think I will =) You are just so smart..=)
    Love ya!

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I love you just the way you are, never change!