Normally I have time during the week (and energy) to do daily chores around the place. Because I have been working a lot this past couple of weeks I have fallen behind. Is that a symptom of old age? Fallen behind? This morning I started with making sure that all of god's creatures were fed. The cockatiels, the cat, the outside birds, Barb and me... I can write my name on the inside of the windows from the accumulated dust and grime. There is a family of dust bunnies behind the furniture here in the basement that could overpopulate any residence. For the sake of my sanity I won't mention the floor in our bathroom.
I can see the flights of birds landing in the feeder to the south of the downstairs. They line up in the trees and stage closer and closer until they get to swoop in and get a seed. They re-stage and keep moving closer bird after bird. You can always tell a newcomer as they try to sit in the feeder and eat. They soon get chased out and learn the pattern. I haven't seen any hawk kills in the yard lately. The hawks like big fat juicy blue jays and I have watched as a hawk swooped in and killed one of a pair that regularly came in to eat.
I notice that it will be almost 20 degrees warmer in Idaho and Elko, NV today than it will be here. There is a winter front attached to the jet stream that has drug single digit overnight lows to Kansas. It takes a lot of sunshine to overcome that low. The snow squeaks when you walk on it. The truck sits outside and it cranks v e r y s l o wwwww. Even Dave called and asked if the power steering on the Olds needs looked at because it is so slow when you first start up the car. I told him that the slush and dirt probably has the seals on the rack and pinion steering so grimy that it takes a while to overcome the frozen ice. The truck steers like a truck but, duh Dennis it is a truck. It seems like weeks since I have seen a clean car in Topeka.
Oh well, better do something before Barb asks me again what am I doing. MUD

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