Four Days Off

Thanks to two days of Inservice Monday and Tuesday of next week, I will manage to decompress from substitute teaching most of last week. That combined with my "mail-in" drug company not sending me my blood pressure medicine in a timely manner made Thursday and Friday less fun that I wanted. I am trying to decide if my headache is a residual of the high blood pressure or due to the exposure of germs from the hundred or so snotty noses.
Barb and I will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary tomorrow. It was a long time ago in a far away place that Barb and I made our vows at the "Chapel of the Bells" in Las Vegas. Where has the time gone? Seems like we have been on the journey of life so hard that time just flew away. Oh well, this is just the start of another 39. In case you can't tell, I love her.
Somewhere in the past, I have read about men that purchase practical items for gifts. I struggle with the idea that Barb has everything she needs and money enough to buy anything she wants. I could always purchase candy and flowers but now that she and Barb are doing the weight watchers thing that is not the best move. Oh well, I'm sure that spending some time with her today will help her to understand that need for the down coat with a hood or a new Computer is just the ticket for an anniversary gift. What do I need? Nothing really. I would like to have an airconditioner in the truck and a paint job but Barb fully supports me and it is my own damn fault I don't have that done. I would like to win the lottery (Why I really don't know) and buy my own tickets.
I loved the sign that Mom had on the back of the door in Arkansas. It was, "Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you have." I have so much that I am starting to hate the clutter. I really understand the modern look but wonder what they do with the junk they removed to have that look. Don't tell me to store it. I have a storage space and a garage (actually two if you count one bay at the rental house) full of stuff. I actually have tools I thought I needed and have not used. I have dogs that I don't play with and an outside cat that must wonder what the hell is going on. Food shows up but we don't seem to cross paths. There are a pair of birds upstairs that just make one hell of a racket and a mess.
If you really want to see what the future looks like, do some work at the local elementary school. You will come away with a full understanding of how much work it is to help shape the future through the kids. They truly are what is going to make tomorrow great. I am going to figure out a way to help the fifth grade teacher get a rope around that fifth grade class be better citizens. It is my duty to help not just complain. I'm sure their parents love them and want the best for them.


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  2. Oh now make a liar out of me crap.

  3. I can't wait until the NCAA Tourney. Awesome.