Get the Hell out of Dodge

Barb and I celebrated our 39th wedding Anniversary yesterday and we started to look for opportunities to get out of town to place/places warmer than Kansas. We have decided that Tucson looks pretty darned good for next week. The waiting for a couple of weeks made the air fares drop by 50% so we are going to wait a few more days. It is not like after 39 years that a week one way or the other will make a lot of difference.
Speaking of cold weather, have you had your February shock looking at the gas bill? For years we heated and cooled this joint (3000 sq ft) for around $100 a month for gas and electricity. Our gas bill alone was $170 this month. Mom keeps the little house up nearer 78 and her bill was $200.00 What a shock... The good news is she can afford to pay that bill. I worry that there are a lot of people out there that can't.
Monday and Tuesday this week are Teacher in-service days so I won't get called. I am fairly committed for the rest of the week. On the 15th, I am going in early to make cinnamon rolls for a school dinner that night. The real reason is I love their rolls and I want to know how to make them. You never know when I might want to open a chili/cinnamon roll parlor. Top that off with a big cup of coffee in the winter and an iced tea in the summer and perfection. There will always be the big ol'e glass of milk available and orange slices (if the prices ever come back down after the California freeze.) I want it to be something like the soup Nazi kitchen on Seinfeld but with laughs. I just can't abide hateful people even if their food is good. One of my friends (yes, there are a few out there) owns a Taco stand that puts him right out there meeting the public and he loves it. I love to visit him and laugh at ourselves for getting old. I'm not sure if we are laughing at ourselves or if senility has set in and we laugh because it isn't manly to cry.
I am in the laundry chair today because I didn't finish the job yesterday. I figured that with Monday and Tuesday off, I could delay a little bit. Barb did a couple of loads yesterday. Did you know that you should sort the colors by fabric type? Never saw that one coming? Learned a lesson by asking why Barb was using a different setting on the dryer. It was pointed out to me that cotton fabrics are on high and synthetic fabrics should be on a more moderate heat. Crap, I thought not washing the red stuff with the white stuff was enough.
Oh well, Have a great week. MUD


  1. chili and cinnamon rolls? coffee and iced tea? now you're talking. :) congrats on your wedding anniversary. i hope that someday i can be as fortunate. great blog by the way... i'm glad we can play nice!

  2. Congrats to you and Barb!!
    Have a great time away from the cold!

  3. I feel like running away from the cold every day. I wish there were warm parts I could run away to...without having to leave a country or two. Although there are a million things I love about Canada, the COLD winters are not one of them. Oh well, at least I have a warm jacket and a nice scarf, mitts and boots to keep me nice and toasty! I can't complain though, the real cold didn't hit until January and we have yet to have more than 2 major snow storms.....unfortunately I can blame global warming for that....for those who believe in global warming.....just watched a doc. tonight about evangelical christians in the U.S....hmmm they dont believe in global warming....