Beginning of the End

Lat night on "60 Minutes" the Comptroller General of the United States said that we are spending ourselves into a debt that can ruin our economy. He said the biggest problem is that the Politicians seem to want to spend more and that the people our there in the US just don't care. In the last election here in Topeka only 16% of the people got out and voted in the election. That meant that just a little over half or 9% (the majority of 16% is 9%) of the eligible voters decided who was going to lead our Political battles.
So, boys and girls, it is not action by our Government that is the problem, it is the inaction by the electorate.
What scares me about the future is not that Social Security will go away, but that it will scale back or be eroded by inflation so that the pay down of the National Debt is in inflated dollars and the future of us all will be at risk. Yes, you will get $12,000 a year but it will be worth what $6,000 is today. Medicaid and Medicare is going to expense itself into the biggest budget item and eat a hole in the National Budget.
Oh well, that's the future and I am going to go live today. 4546

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  1. I aint expecting anything by the time it's my time to retire. If the world is still even around! ;-)