Well Crap!

After 27 years of faithful service our couch needed replaced. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City and they had a beautiful "FlexSteel" leather couch on sale. It was almost $500 dollars cheaper than here in Topeka so we wrote them a check. I yarded out the old couch today in preparation of a delivery.
When the truck got here, I saw the couch and it was the black floor model we saw at the store but didn't like the color. We ordered the Brown one and was told it was in stock. They took the new one back and will deliver the correct color next Thursday. I busted up the old one so now I am without a couch to nap on until then. Well Crap!
Oh well, what the hell, what the heck do I care! MUD


  1. A man without a couch is terrible thing indeed. PS. In Canada we call em Chesterfields;)

  2. What? You didn't put your old couch on your front porch?

    What kind of redneck are you if you don't have an old couch on the porch?

  3. I have small porches so there wasn't room. I did find a pick up truck by running in to it with the riding mower one time. MUD

  4. Ha .. aren't Chesterfields cigarettes?

    27 years is a long time!