Friday the 13th?

OK all you triscadecaphobics out there, I missed Friday the 13th entirely. I guess my overly busy schedule just got in the way of reading what was really going on in the world.
Did I tell you about the latest watermelon? We were on the west side of town and they had a fruit stand near the mall and sitting on the counter were some of the best looking watermelons. I selected one and gave it the thump test. It was right on the top of its game and about as ripe as you would want it. When they sound a little slosshy, beware that they are overripe. This 50 lb melon was only $6.00 and we ate on it all week. I finished the last piece last night and I'm pretty sure that I won't want another one for at least, well, until tomorrow. Barb noticed how much room there was in the refrigerator after the beast was gone. I swear that uncut it just fitted on the entire lower rack. Lovely large round light green melon with dark green stripes. Sweet and cold.
Our new couch is so big that Dave and I had to work hard to get it in the house. Thanks to his hard work it came in. I had him so late that I didn't have time to carry off the old recliner.
The house deal is still working and we are about to finish the financing on our end. We'll see how it all works out in the end. More to follow tomorrow.

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