What do You Do?

This is the rear view of our investment property. It is not too far from our house and we think we are getting a good price. The nice thing is that it has a lot of potential and is in our school district.
This is the front view and don't pay attention to the objects in the yard or the lack of mowing. It will be given a lot of attention soon. It needs a place in the roof fixed and a lot of cleaning and maintenance. The deck in the other photo needs to be jacked up and a couple of supports put on it.
Barb is always looking for a good deal and I think she has stumbled into a great one this time. e'll see but I have high hopes this will be a good place for someone to live in. Perhaps Dave and his wife Barb will be the lucky owners when the work is finished. Yes, it will have a locked gate and a security system soon!

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  1. Looks like you got your work cut out for you. But congrats on your purchase!