It has stopped!

For a little while the rain has stopped. It is still cloudy and dark so I won't place any bets that we are completely out of the rain. I estimate that we got another 3 inches in the last 24 hours. There isn't a lot of standing water in the yard but I can hear the stream at the bottom of the hill running. It is normally only a trickle to dry this time of year.
Barb and I are looking at an investment property north of here. It is priced a good amount under the appraised value but in need of a lot of work. After seeing the home our nephew bought in Spring Valley, NV we have high hopes. The trash makes the house not show well at all. It needs to be secured against entry but that's no big deal for a locksmith like me. It might give Dave and his wife a chance to move into our school district. Probably will sell their home once we get this deal done and them moved.
Pancakes on the table, gotta run. 4385

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